About Us

For many years we went on a journey to learn how to make this beautiful art and now we are ready to share it with you. Now as a Muslim household we can bring you products made in our home for your home. 

We are a Muslim household who wanted to see some sort of art that did not look like it was from an ancient time. We wanted to have a modern twist on an authentic piece of Islamic Art. 

Trying to search for modern options we quickly realized that to bring what was in our mind into reality we would have to do it ourself.

We supply beauty for Muslims who crave something unique with our art pieces. Any custom vision can be made and a wide selection of beautiful Islamic Wooden Art is available.

إِنَّ اللهَ جَمِيلٌ يُحِبُّ الْجَمَالَ

“Allah is beautiful and loves beauty” - Sahih Muslim 91

This is a Hadith we always have in our mind when we create new pieces. We have the same love and care in everything we make as if we make it for our family.

Through our bespoke process, we aim to create more than just art – we aim to create meaningful reflections of your faith, identity, and personal style. Experience the journey of crafting your vision into reality with our custom Islamic wall art today.